TFS 2013, VS Online & Agile Practices With Matteo Emili

by groupadmin15. December 2014 08:21

The Talk

Part 1 - Current state of Team Foundation Server 2013 and Visual Studio Online

The Microsoft's Developer Division embraced DevOps and Continuous Delivery - the results are in front of us. Visual Studio Online in particular is an always-improving system, and Team Foundation Server gets more and more features with every update. You can compare it with the 2012 release and you are going to see how much changed just from one release to another, without mentioning the older ones. Where are they now? Where is the platform heading? Let's have a look!

Part 2- Leveraging Agile to reach upper levels

Agile practices are stronger and stronger, and they are extremely helpful raising the overall quality of our industry. Wouldn't it be amazing to involve other levels apart from the single Team, expanding them into the Product and Portfolio level? Team Foundation Server provides an incredible amount of features for it, why don't we see them in action?

The Speaker

Matteo Emili (@MattVSTS) is a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio ALM since 2010 and a Professional Scrum Master.
Former Microsoft Student Partner (youngest ever in Italy and the first ever in being both MSP and MVP, in 2010 at the age of 19), he has a passion for Agile Methodologies, Processes and all the techie stuff around the code, which leads him to always searching for something new to share with the worldwide community around the Application Lifecycle Management field.
He currently works for Dell Software UK as an Application Lifecycle Management

The Meeting

The meeting will open at 6:00 p.m on Tuesday, the 27th January 2015 at the Lecture Theatre, EDF Energy Conference Centre, Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3RS. You can arrive from Barnett Way and park at the EDF Energy car park. Conference building is located directly on the left from main reception and it's pass protected. You'll need to sign in for the fire registry.

Welcome Start at 6.15pm and the as usual event at 6.30pm and end at about 9pm. There will be a half-time break with pizza and a quick pub visit afterwards. Please arrive on time.

Post Meeting resources

- Current state of TFS slides

- APPM slides