Taming Your Dependencies with Ian Russell

by groupadmin20. February 2013 12:21

The Talk

Ian Russell gives us a pragmatic view of Dependency Injection. In the session, you will discover what Dependency Injection is, why you will want, and need, to use it in your projects, when it is and is not appropriate to use it and and how to get the best out of it. 

The Speaker

Ian's blog can be found at http://ijrussell.tumblr.com, or you can follow him on twitter, @ijrussell

The Meeting

The meeting will be on Thursday, the 28th February 2013 in the Maxima Forum in Cheltenham. Start as usual at 6.30pm and end at about 9pm. There will be refreshments and hot pizza available and a quick pub visit afterwards. Please arrive in time. Details here.


Post Meeting Resources

Ian recommend the following books related to his talk:

  • Dependency Injection in .NET by Mark Seemann.
  • Brownfield Application Development in .Net by Kyle Baley and Donald Belcham

Go to Ian's blog for more detail. 

Felicitation to Kyle the winners of our raffle and thank you to Telerik for the prices.