Windows 8 Applications with Mike Taulty

by groupadmin5. March 2013 21:35

The Talk

In this session we’ll take a brief look at Windows 8 from the point of view of a user coming to the OS for the first time and the new Windows Store and WinRT apps that they’ll encounter. Then we’ll switch and look at Visual Studio 2012 and the options for building Windows Store apps whether you are a .NET, JavaScript or C++ developer. We’ll put together a simple example that touches all those technologies and we’ll even look at how we can combine them into a hybrid app. Along the way, we’ll wander into the Blend design tool and build up the whole picture of putting together WinRT apps.

The Speaker

Mike Taulty's Blog can be found at , or you can follow him on twitter, @mtaulty

The Meeting

The meeting will be on Wednesday, the 20th March 2013 in the Maxima Forum in Cheltenham. Start as usual at 6.30pm and end at about 9pm. There will be refreshments and hot pizza available and a quick pub visit afterwards. Please arrive in time. Details here.


Post Meeting Resources

Mike's flickR demo can be find on the following links:

More generally

 Felicitation to Jon and Prashant the winners of our raffle and thank you to JetBrain and Telerik for the prices.