Portable Class Libraries For Multiplatform Targeting With Iris Classon

by groupadmin4. June 2013 08:00

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The Talk

Imagine a world where the .Net developer can create and compile code that will run on multiple .Net platforms. The same code runs on WP, WPF, SL, Xbox, Windows Store apps. A little hidden gem in Visual Studio 2012 allows you to do just that. In this session I introduce you to this modest but powerful gem, Portable Class Libraries, what they do, how they work, and even more important how you can make it work for you.

The Speaker

This is that girl in your class that just wouldn’t stop talking. She is also known as Iris Classon, a hyperactive and very passionate developer, long distance runner and mountain biker with a love for weightlifting and fitness.

Iris recently caught the attention of the developer community with her tremendous passion for programming and unique career path. She’s a licensed and registered clinical dietician who only recently discovered she loves writing software. Within her first year, she earned MCPD and MCTS certifications and was invited to join MEET – Microsoft Extended Experts Team, in addition to landing a fulltime developer job after just six months.

She’s been interviewed on Hanselminutes, the Code Project, Pluralsight and made headline news in several newspapers. Today she is a Technical Evangelist for Telerik, works as a software developer for Dotnet Mentor and is the organizer of the Swedish Pluralsight Study Group. She is a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences. She has a unique high energy presentation style that you won’t soon forget.

She blogs passionately about programming, her journey as a developer, guides, examples and the very popular ‘Stupid’ question of the day, engaging and inspiring the community as best as she can.

Iris Classon website can be found at www.irisclasson.com, or you can follow her on twitter @IrisClasson

The Meeting

The meeting will be on Tuesday, the 18th June 2013 in the Maxima Forum in Cheltenham. Start as usual at 6.30pm and end at about 9pm. There will be refreshments and hot pizza available and a quick pub visit afterwards. Please arrive in time. Details here.

Other Events with Iris Classon

After NDC Oslo, Iris will come for a mini UG tour in the UK. 

Many for you were interested to "The Windows Store Apps showdown - C# vs JavaScript", Iris will be in VBug Bristol on Monday, 17 June - See full session details and register at event page.

After Cheltenham, Iris will be part of Telerik free half-day Developer Seminar in London on Wednesday, 19 June - See full session details and register at event page.

Post Meeting Resources

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