Building Single Sign On websites With Jimmy Skowronski

by groupadmin21. September 2013 15:30

The Talk

Meet Dave. Dave is like you and he has a problem. He found that great website but he needs to register on to use it. That means he needs to create yet another user name and password. And he has to remember it or write on that big post-it on his monitor - booo! So Dave decided he will not register and he will look for another website he can use without creating yet another password.

There are plenty of people like Dave. He may be your user or you may be like him. But we need users and passwords and permissions and all that stuff on our websites.

Here is an idea. What if you could delegate all that somewhere and let someone else to worry about passwords, security and all that boring stuff - yayyy!

This session will show you how to delegate your authentication somewhere else. You will learn basic theory behind Single Sign On and delegated authentication concepts.

The Speaker

Jimmy started his computing adventure long time ago with Atari, which of course was far better than Commodore, contrary to the popular and wrong believe. Fast forward... When the first .NET version was released he jumped on it as an excuse to escape from the classic ASP and Delphi. He is now working as a Senior Developer in McKinsey & Company doing ... stuff and being annoying wherever he can. 

He is doing his best to stay active in the community. He is a speaker and Pluralsight author and even was the leader. Sadly he abandoned his group when moved to London but he stays active whenever and wherever he can.

And after a hard day in the office he loves to fly a virtual space ship in Eve Online. 

Jimmy blog can be found at, you can follow him on twitter @_jimmys

The Meeting

The meeting will be on Thursday, the 24th October 2013 in the Maxima Forum in Cheltenham. Start as usual at 6.30pm and end at about 9pm. There will be refreshments and a quick pub visit afterwards. Please arrive in time. Details here.