Making Window Store Dance with Nokia Drums With Christopher Myhill

by groupadmin21. September 2013 15:40

The Talk

At the beginning of April 2013 Nokia released their very first Window Store Application, Nokia Music for Windows 8. In this presentation you will hear from one of the Nokia engineers involved in the development, on how to create Windows Store applications, what it is like working for Nokia and get to hear how a team of software engineers overcame real world issues to achieve publication to the Windows Store.

Nokia Music for Windows 8:

Session BIO: In this talk I will try and give you a head start in developing Windows Store applications and some of the problems you may encounter.  I will also give you an insight in how we did it the Nokia Music way.

Topics Covered:

  • Demos on Windows Store Development (C#);
    • GridView & Semantic Zoom
    • Snap View
    • MediaElement
    • Live Tiles
    • Setting & Search Charm
  • Developing Software the Nokia Music Way
  • Real World Problems and Their Solution
  • Windows Store Submission

The Speaker

Christopher Myhill has been a professional developer for over 10 years, working in various sectors in the pursuit of great code.  He spent the majority of his career as a web developer but now works at Nokia developing the Nokia Music apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.  When not coding he enjoys baking bread and hot smoking meat on the BBQ all year round (when it’s not raining).

The Meeting

The meeting will be on Thursday, the 14th November 2013 in the Maxima Forum in Cheltenham. Start as usual at 6.30pm and end at about 9pm. There will be refreshments and a quick pub visit afterwards. Please arrive in time. Details here.