AngularJS And TypeScript With Mark Rendle

by groupadmin27. December 2013 20:57

The Talk

AngularJS is Google's answer to client-side JavaScript MVC application development.

TypeScript is Microsoft's answer to working large, complex JavaScript code-bases.

Put them together and you get something like WPF-style MVVM, but better. This talk will introduce AngularJS and TypeScript, and show how to use them effectively to build rich browser-based applications.

The Speaker

Mark is the founder and CEO of Oort Corporation, a new company building cloud-based software for people who build cloud-based software. Oort's first product, Zudio, a web-based Windows Azure Storage toolkit, launched in April 2013. Mark has been a Windows Azure Development MVP for three years.

In his spare time, Mark work's on the Simple.Data not-an-ORM and Simple.Web projects, and wanders the world speaking at conferences and user groups. Or he just geeks out learning new programming languages and frameworks; in 2013 he's working a lot with TypeScript and AngularJS.

You can read his blog at and catch him on Twitter at @markrendle.

The Meeting

The meeting will be on Thursday, the 23rd January 2014 in the Maxima Forum in Cheltenham. Start as usual at 6.30pm and end at about 9pm. There will be refreshments and a quick pub visit afterwards. Please arrive in time.

Additional Details to find us here.