What could you do with 10 years of continuous improvement? with Tom Howlett

by groupadmin17. November 2014 13:10

The Talk

I'll tell the story of what can happen when you grow with a team for more than 10 years. How we went from frustration and stagnation caused by command and control to a to a collaborative, self organising team using kanban to search for the next improvement. I'll discuss why we made the choice to work remotely and how well that can work.
I'll talk about the negative sides of sticking together so long (more than half the team hasn't changed in 10 years) and the limits of what a team can do alone.
The talk discusses some of the big decisions we took over the years and some of the behaviours that emerged naturally. I'll discuss my thoughts on how to build teams that stay together and refuse to stand still.

In the second part we'll have a discussion on Continuous Improvement: why it's important, what stands in it's way and how we can overcome those blocks.

The Speaker

Tom's been building and working with .NET teams that focus on continuous improvement for 12 years. In that time he's written about the difficulties he faced and how he overcame them in over 100 blog posts on "Diary of a Scrummaster", and a book called "A Programmer's Guide To People". He has a strong focus on breaking down the barriers that restrict collaboration (whether remote or co-located) and ensuring the people who do the work can effectively decide how it's done. He's becoming well known in the Agile community through his speaking and running his local group the "Cheltenham Geeks'. His company LeanTomato provides help forming new teams and helping existing ones meet peoples needs more effectively.

Twitter: @diaryofscrum, Website: http://www.leantomato.com

The Meeting

The meeting will open at 6:00 p.m on Tuesday, the 16th December 2014 at the Lecture Theatre, EDF Energy Conference Centre, Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3RS. You can arrive from Barnett Way and park at the EDF Energy car park. Conference building is located directly on the left from main reception and it's pass protected. You'll need to sign in for the fire registry.

Welcome Start at 6.15pm and the as usual event at 6.30pm and end at about 9pm. There will be a half-time break with pizza and a quick pub visit afterwards. Please arrive on time.



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