Can you keep a Secret? With Owain Williams

by groupadmin3. November 2015 18:35

The Talk

For thousands of years we have been trying to find ways to keep information secret and work out what other people's secret information is. Today we have cryptographic algorithms that our own government's security and intelligence organisations claim they can't crack. However, security breaches, compromised passwords, stolen credit card details, etc. feature in the news regularly, and the perpetrators aren't government experts, they're amateurs.

Can you keep a secret? The anecdotal evidence would suggest the answer is a resounding no! In this talk I'll introduce you to some cryptographic principles and show how you can make use of them in .NET and how they can be used correctly.

The Speaker

Owain Williams is the Technical Lead of Giftcloud, a product backed by the creators of Vouchercloud. He has been a professional software developer since 2001 and has worked on a wide range of projects and technology stacks, from small software houses to publicly listed international companies.

He has experience of delivering software into a range of different environments including e-commerce websites, email marketing organisations, public sector customers and open source projects. He was part of the team that first started using the NHS data spine and helped shape the way encryption was used within it. He has also designed and implemented secure systems for several companies.

Born in London, brought up in South Wales, now living with his wife in Bristol, Owain is a well-travelled man and enjoys weekend's away, cooking & eating, loud shirts & colourful trousers and is currently learning to fly light aircraft.

The Meeting

The meeting will open at 6:00 p.m on Tuesday, the 20nd October 2015 at the Lecture Theatre, EDF Energy Conference Centre, Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3RS. You can arrive from Barnett Way and park at the EDF Energy car park. Conference building is located directly on the left from main reception and it's pass protected. You'll need to sign in for the fire registry.Welcome Start at 6pm and the as usual event at 6.30pm and end at about 9pm. There will be a half-time break with pizza and a quick pub visit afterwards. Please arrive on time.

Meeting Sponsor

Our swag meeting give away will include one 3 Day Conference Pass Ticket for NDC {London} 2016, other swags from MS Office Dev, Pluralsight, Telerik and Syncfusion will be part of it.